We validate the technical condition of concrete and reinforced concrete structures such as coolers, chimneys, dams and barrages. We renovate them using properly chosen technology. We perform our works using the materials of top class endurance. Grouting services are done using our own recipe which was complied on long-lasting experience. It enables us to lower the costs compared to ready grouts.

In scope of concrete and reinforced concrete structures renovation we do:

  • On site validation together with construction fault description
  • Faults inventory
  • Bench tests in scope of concrete endurance determination, change in chemical composition which was influenced by the environment and carbonization level.
  • Reinforcement completion
  • Anticorrosion proofing of reinforcement
  • Manual reprofiling of reinforced concrete elements
  • Medium and high-pressure injection
  • Shortcrete reinforced with steel mash
  • Concrete with addition of semisynthetic fibre