Safe water is required for drinking, hygiene and providing food; and adequate water to produce

energy and support economic activities such as industry and transportation. Water is natural

environment ensures the provision of a multitude of ecosystem services to meet basic

human needs and support economic and cultural activities

Of the important work carried out by Ameria company in the government sector is the construction and maintenance

of plants and sewage drinking water where I have Ameria company is available a group of engineers and employment

specialists in this area and the high capacity of experience and training is the most important services provided by

the company in the field of water plants drinking water and health and sanitation stations, for example, and not as a limitation

First: Integrated Business stations water and sanitation.

Second, insulation work and injections to treat water leaks and structural reinforcement.

Third, insulation and injection works for identical and pipelines.

Fourth, development and raising the efficiency of water plants and sewage works.


Water station 2


Water station